ZEN marks the 2nd album from Tony Romero’s Vortex, 9 tracks of music that is made for calmness, Relaxation, Meditation, Wellness, Yoga, and even some Hypnotic Trance. 

Deep Lush textures and unexpected sounds will surely stir the senses. 

Marek Arnold from bands such as Marek Arnold’s Artrock Project, Seven Steps to the Green Door, Toxic Smile, Flaming Row, UPF, and many many more says about ZEN 

” This album is made for making moods / Atmos- functional. I Can imagine listening to it getting a nice massage or laying on the beach and relaxing..”

1. Africa 08:04
2. Ocean 11:34
3. One with Meditation 10:11
4. Two with Meditation 08:05
5. RelaxZENation 03:06
6. BeCalm 09:28
7. Flowstrumental 07:25
8. Bali 04:05
9. Peyote 03:42

Written Produced and arranged by Anthony Romero AKA DJ Tony 

Anthony Romero 
Roland FA06 
Hydrasynth Explorer 
Korg Minilogue XD 
Native Instruments MKIII 

Robeone Synth Tracks 1 2 3 4 6 7 
Steve Bonino Bass Tracks 3 4 5 
Peter Matuchniak Guitar Track 3 

*Robert Schindler / Robeone Appears courtesy of Transglobal Records

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