Transport Aerian is not your typical progressive rock artist, his music is hauntingly beautiful, dark, poignant and refreshing.

According to Transport Aerian
When I pass by the crowded streets of this friendly, warm city I live in, I see the faces of young people – disconnected from the world, drowning their inner selves through technology, but mostly through smart-phones. Stating to be open to the new world yet closed from anything that could push the boundaries forward. I see the future, I see our future.

What I am trying to convey through my music and this video, is mainly the self-isolation, and escapism in a radical sense. But this is merely a reflection of the world outside of my own. I withdraw to my dark room because I see where we are going, I’m speaking for myself, but I would like you to ask you the same question. Are you happy? Are you happy with the future? Are you?

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