Transport Aerian and Melodic Revolution Records are thrilled to announce that Falling 20 the first single from the upcoming new album Skywound. Falling 20 was originally only released as a Bandcamp exclusive released on February 26th, 2021 and released worldwide through all popular digital outlets such as Apple, Deezer, I Heart Radio, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal among others.

Music and lyrics by Hamlet 
Arrangement by Transport Aerian
Tracked and mixed by Hamlet in Leuven.

Transport Aerian is: 
Hamlet: vocals, bass. 
Stefan Boeykens: guitars 
Umut Eldem: keyboards 
Paul De Smet: drums, violin. 

Watch The Video Here

What people are saying about this new track.

I have no words for this masterpiece! Blows my mind…
– Michel De Smet

Very nice and heavy obscure rock ballad… Powerful voice! Like it!
– Raul Vega

Very good, a real masterpiece! 
– Edwin Desmet

Amazing avantgarde atmospherical prog-rock ballad, full of universal sadness and autumn melancholy – It’s unique Hamlet style👏 – Dmitry Virtu

Excellent! Even without those visuals, I’d have imagined it as a Scandi Noir soundtrack.
– Ian Hall

Hamlet talks about the new song and upcoming album Skywound.
A year ago we turned from a one-man studio project into a team of four free-thinking musical personalities; Stefan Boeykens (guitar), Umut Eldem (piano/keyboards), Paul De Smet (drums, violin), and yours sincerely. We had hoped to deliver a reasonable amount of live shows celebrating our reasonably rich legacy in the new format. COVID-19 destroyed these plans and made us postpone all the shows until the situation stabilized, but we stayed together and found ourselves in the situation when making something new, writing together was the intuitive thing to do.

So here we are, working on a new album. Just like previous Transport Aerian albums, this will be a concept, story-driven piece, under the title Skywound. The album will be a logical and spiritual development of the themes and plots that we explored in our album Darklue (2015).

However, unlike never before, Transport Aerian is working on music together as a team, with myself only focusing on the lyrics and artistic direction (and singing and playing bass obviously!).

The album is set to be released via Melodic Revolution Records (USA) in late September 2021, and we are hoping that the pandemic will subside enough for us and our dear followers to be safe enough to enjoy a supporting set of live shows, both in Belgium and abroad.

We hope you will be with us when all this will come. We appreciate you being with us through all these difficult times.

Kind regards,
Transport Aerian

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