On the heels of their latest release “All Is Not For All” via Melodic Revolution Records, ANURYZM have been busy working with some stellar new additions to the band for future commitments.

Entering the fold are:

  • Sertac Ogut: Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
  • Faysal Itani: Bass Guitar
  • John Laham: Drums & Percussion

Detailed Member Bio’s Can Be Found Here : http://www.anuryzm.com/band/

About the addition of Sertac Ogut:
“We linked up with Sertac in Turkey where he joined us on a co-headlining spot at a Rock and Metal festival, he brought a really great vibe to the live experience and is a really fun person to jam with and bounce creative ideas off of. I’ve known him for many years now and it was great to finally have a reason to collaborate which manifested into him being a full time member of ANURYZM.” 
– John Bakhos, Lead Guitars.

About the addition of Faysal Itani and John Laham: 
“Faysal Itani also joined us at the co-headlining spot in Turkey and it was a really valuable and eye-opening experience. He comes from the school of “real” bass players influenced by a wide spectrum of legendary bassists across music genres.

John Laham initially joined us for the 199X video shoot and it was just a manic two days of hard work couple with tons of joking and pranks! He blew us away as he’s an interesting guy with very technical and innovative drum skills. I’ve also known both guys for years as we were all band mates in our younger and more formative college years. It’s a privilege and good karma to be able to reconnect and play with them both again.”

– Jay Jahed, Synths and Keys

In a Statement from Vocalist Nadeem Michael Bibby:
“It’s interesting how with perseverance and an open mind, sometimes things come full circle. As most fans and press are aware, John Bakhos and I knew each other since childhood and neither of us ever imagined that we would be making music in the future at such a high level. On that basis, it’s nice that John Bakhos and Jay Jahed also know the new musicians from the past quite well as it brings a feeling of familiarity and determination to work harder and ultimately, appreciate that life is short and it’s great to enjoy the ride with true friends from the past.”

John Bakhos: Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Nadeem Michel Bibby: Vocals
Jay Jahed: Synths and Keys
Sertac Ogut: Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
John Laham: Drums and Percussion
Faissal Itani: Bass Guitars

In related news:
ANURYZM are actively putting together a fresh live show which they hope to bring to the road very soon.
Sertac Ogu and John Bakhos are endorsed by pedal manufacturer “AMT Electronics.”

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