Unified Past plan on redefining the prog genre with their upcoming new album “Shifting The Equilibrium.”  This is the bands first release in two years and is the follow-up to their highly regarded 2013 recording “Spots.” The CD  will contain six power prog songs that have a running time of 55 minutes, due out late summer, early fall 2015 and will feature the vocal talents of Phil Naro (Gene Cornish & The Dangerous Lovers, Backhand, Corvus Stone.) Album Production  by Frank Tassone.

The CD Art will once again be designed by critically acclaimed fantasy artist “Ed Unitsky” known for his work with such greats as “The Flower Kings”, “Starcastle” & “Unitopia” to name but a few.

Band Members:

Stephen Speelman: Guitar & Keys
Victor Tassone: Drums
Dave Mickelson: Bass
Phil Naro: Vocals

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