Drifting Sun – Trip the Life Fantastic

CD: $ 16

1. Trip the Life Fantastic 06:22
2. Peach Blossoms 02:00
3. The Wizard 06:34
4. Sunsets 02:42
5. Lady Night 07:53
6. Ode to Nevermind 02:15
7. Five Ever 08:33
8. XXX Forever 02:32
9. Tormented 04:37
10. Last Supper 09:35


The talent and experience of this group of musicians are palpable in the melodies, performances, and expertise with which they deliver these tracks… a must for all symphonic, neo-prog, and progressive rock/metal fans.
(Amalia Grassi/Prog Metal Zone)The album was such a delight I feel like a parent – unable to select any one child over the other 🙂
(Jay Watson/Neverland of Prog)

If you at all like epic progressive rock, you HAVE to hear this album!
(Jeff Stevens/Prog Metal Zone)

Drifting Sun has absorbed a lifetime’s music and then spat it out as something quite unique… beautiful melodies combining to paint pictures, rich tapestries of notes joined by some simple but effective stitching.
(Tony Colvill/The Progressive Aspect)

I strongly recommend this album to all those who are fans not only of Progressive Rock or Neo-Prog but Rock in general. It is a really wonderful album!
(George Eleftheriou/GFreedom Webzine)

Peter Falconer – Vocals
Dan Storey – Guitars/Bass
Andrew Howard – Additional Guitars
Pat Sanders – Keyboards
Will Jones – Drums

Music: Pat Sanders
Lyrics: Peter Falconer