Babal – Dreams For Imaginary Puppet Shows On The Radio

CD: $ 10 Digital: $ 10

  1. Gundy 02:52
    2. Crow Boy 02:20
    3. Shall Not Fade Into The Night 03:36
    4. Bunker 1a 02:38
    5. Hoggoth Time 06:49
    6. Waterhole 02:33
    7. Void 04:27
    8. Ahab’s Promise 05:03
    9. Dark City 02:00
    10. Scorpion Master 02:22
    11. Nightfalls 05:18
    12. Noir 02:09
    13. Yog Shoggoth Absorbs L.A. 06:02


In 2019 BABAL had to cease performing and recording. Vocalist and songwriter Karen Langley had stage 4 cancer requiring many chemotherapy sessions and a stem cell transplant; she is now thankfully in remission.

Karen was unable to sing during that year so we wrote lots of instrumental tracks, visualizing them as puppet shows on the radio!!, while others could possibly be destined as re-arranged tunes with vocals in the future.

Then along came COVID 19……….

The third part of The Circle of Confusion of Tongues trilogy, “(I’m Just A) Spirit in A Meat Suit” has been delayed as we are mixing and mastering remotely which takes time. We plan to release the album later this year.

The music on Dreams for Imaginary Puppet Shows on The Radio reveals the different yet identifiable and distinctive sound of Karen Langley (voice/devices), Rob Williams (guitar, guitar synth, bass), and Jon Sharp (drums) – BABAL.
This is BABAL’s sixth album – the desire to never stay in one musical place too long remains a constant with the band.

The concept of a puppet show on the radio threw us a few imaginative curves and strange angles when thinking about, and improvising the music.

Along with the track titles each piece has a “dream” concept portraying possible scenes in the puppet show, described in a dark and Lovecraftian manner – or you may choose to visualize your own Puppet Show on the Radio – let us know where it takes you! There will be a prize….