Forever Twelve – Taking Forever

CD: $14 Digital: $10

May appeal to fans of Silhoutte, Half Past Four, Ten Jinn, Lobate Scarp, Time Horizon


3rd album by US Symphonic Prog band

Forever Twelve is a five-piece progressive rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Their symphonic progressive sound includes gorgeous female lead vocals, vintage keyboards, both electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, and complex drums and percussion. They’ve performed at Baja Prog 2004 in Mexicali, Mexico, and around the southern California area. Forever Twelve’s music contains elements of jazz, folk, rock, fusion, neo-prog, classical, and pop all serving a musical purpose to express a certain mood or idea. Fans of old-school symphonic and female vocals should really enjoy Forever Twelve.

Kenny Hundt (Bass) and Steve Barberic (Keyboards) met in 1993. Fernando Martinez (Drums) joined the group in 1998, Cat Ellen (Vocals and Flute) joined in 1999, and in 2000 Tom Graham (Guitars) joined. Remembrance Branch was released in 2002, Spark of Light, was released in 2004. Taking Forever was released in 2010.