GorMusik – Snakes & Angels

CD: $ 14 Digital: $ 14


1. The Beginning 18:03
2. The Deception 08:16
3. The Wandering 12:28
4. The Lost 17:44
5. The Lost Orchestra 10:55


The idea of Snakes & Angels came along several years back. Writing a concept album about the timeline of the Bible, as daunting as it was, I still felt compelled to do so. Of course, it is in no way complete but as a synopsis, it works. From Genesis to Revelation. To me, this is only half of the story and there could be another chapter at a later date as I do have plenty of music already written towards that end. But this is where we are for now. The struggle between good and evil has always been mankind’s success or demise. So, there is a message in there I hope that can positively impact the listener as well as being accompanied by the best cinematic soundtrack I could write for it. So, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it all together for you!