O.A.K. – Lucid Dreaming and the Spectre of Nikola Tesla

LP: $ 34

Side A
1. Everything Is Light 06:58
2. Oscillation Alkemy Kreativity 13:29

Side B
3. Learn To Run In Your Dreams 06:06
4. The Comet And The Dreamer 07:09
5. White Wings 04:40
6. The Silver Cord 03:50


This album spans from the tangible side of human life (the one documented by history) to the other, more invisible and esoteric. In the precedent works, the composer moved his musical investigations to those condemned to die in flames; on this latest album, he gives voice to those who ended up at the stake of indifference—two faces of the same wickedness generated by the Power against all transversal thoughts.

Although Nikola Tesla is considered the genius who discovered the 21st century (think of the modern devices we use to communicate), he suffered from the looting of his inventions and the following materialization of them for commercial or warlike uses.

Heavy weight vinyl housed in a full color sleeve with full color insert with lyrics