“TONIGHT” is a totally fresh take on what it means to be progressive, the song features a nice blend of Abbe-esque progressive pop disco beats with a smidge of hip-hop. The song also features West Yorkshire UK alternative rapper Wilko Wines as special guest on the track.

About Tonight

“Tonight” is not a manifesto, much less a proposition. “Tonight” is a collective anecdote that arises when we feel at ease with who we are. How many times have we sought refuge in the cold of the night, to transform it into a filthy warmth that melts all coherence, revealing the darkest part of the human being: indifference. As we said, Tonight is the uniform of those who want to belong, even for a while, to that circle of escapists, unwilling to confront life. Falling over and over again into the captivating and delirious rhythms of a song that speaks directly to them and allows the individuals, for once in their lives, to dance. But not just any dance, a dance that shouts in every verse that it knows their intentions and that for a while longer, it will let them deceive themselves and forget, that the night ends in the mornings and that the cycle, no matter how resilient it may be, always returns to the night, one way or another.

Released May 26, 2023 
● Alvare Goco: vocals
● Jack Dimensions: keyboards, synthesizers and programming.
● Wilko Wilkes: vocals
● Elías Ciambotti: electric guitars.
● Ezequiel Volpe: bass.

Recorded at Ombligo con Pelusa Records, La Nona Studio, (Mar del Plata, Argentina) and Ringo Records, La Plata, Argentina.
Mixed by Andres Guazzelli at REDRUM, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Mastered by Andres Guazzelli at REDRUM, Mar del Plata, Argentina
Artwork by Delavisky, Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Produced by Jack Dimensions


The void suddenly
It’s enough
And called me.

Better be quiet
You don’t have to find me.
I just want to live
With my eyes, like justice.
If the alarm starts to shoot,
I will be deaf tonight.
Watch me get caught
For the strange light
That owns me tonight

What if you don’t want to talk
About it.
Strange is the time
That we share
In the shadows.

The eyes never lie,

Even if you are in the dark.
We’ll meet again…

Watch me get caught
For the strange light
That owns me tonight.

That’s right every evening I see it, tryin’a trick me with its magic but I’ll never let it in 
I’ve been trying to ignore it but it’s knocking even louder, attempting to rescue me from the prison within 
But I’ve got everything I need I’m not afraid of the dark and I don’t have to run away from it to make my mark 
I’m heading into the bright light, im leaving the night behind, you’re not gonna win this time, now that I’m flying tonight

Watch me get caught
For the strange light
That owns me tonight.

About the band.

Arnoldo’s Lizards is a band that was formed in late 2020 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Initially composed of its creators Jack Dimensions and Alvare Goco, the band began producing their first album in early 2021 under the guidance of Jack Dimensions. The entire album was recorded at home in an apartment located in the city center, using a low-range condenser microphone, a computer, and a keyboard. They improvised soundproofing by covering the windows with mattresses to minimize external noise. Despite using low- budget equipment, they managed to create a professional-quality album during the height of the pandemic.

The album also featured renowned musicians from Mar del Plata, such as Elias Ciamboti, Ezequiel Volpe, Andres Guazzelli, and Flor Abril Leguimus. In mid-June 2021, they sent a demo to an American record label called Melodic Revolution Records, which was captivated by their material and signed them for distribution. The album was mixed by Andres Guazzelli and mastered at Estudios Panda in Buenos Aires. It was released on July 16th and within its first month, it garnered over 20,000 streams worldwide. They received highly positive reviews from American, French, Dutch, and English magazines, among others. The album even made it into the top 10 list of best albums of the year by Prog Magazine, one of the most important progressive rock magazines in history, based in the United Kingdom.

At the end of 2021, the band formed its complete lineup, with Gustavo Ciambotti on drums, Ezequiel Volpe on bass, Nacho Sosa on guitar, Alvare Goco on vocals, and Jack Dimensions on synthesizers. Throughout their journey, they were joined by talented musicians from the city, such as Bel Maña, guitarist of Selva, and Juan Ante, guitarist of Nahuel Vasko y La Resistencia.

They had their first live performance on December 18, 2021, at the “FestiPlam” held in Plaza España. They shared the stage with Elias Ciambotti, Astromambo, and El Audaz Golpe. Following this debut, the band played at various venues in the city, presenting their original material.

On August 19, 2022, they released the lead single “American Dream” from their album. The song traverses several genres, including post-punk, garage rock, and alternative rock. The track features a special guest, Willjoy, from Finland, who contributed vocals to certain parts of the song. “American Dream” reached the number one position on the “TOP20” radio program, which features a weekly segment called “New Artist Spotlight” in the United States. They also participated in an interview-style podcast with Wilko Wilkes from the United Kingdom and Origin Crxss from the United States, where they premiered “American Dream” on the show.

On November 11, 2022, they released their second single titled “Keep It On,” a song blending elements of post-punk, cyberpunk, rock, and pop. “Keep It On” received airplay on several Mar del Plata, American, Dutch, and French radio stations.

Throughout 2023, they performed for three consecutive weekends. They started on February 25 at América Libre, sharing the stage with Quien Recuerda a Frank, Fathead, and El Audaz Golpe. On March 4, they performed at Bitelyus Hostel, alongside Julie On Winter and Un Año en La Selva. Lastly, they closed the first edition of UWUFEST.


Tonight featuring Walk Wilks (2023) Digital Single
Keep It On (2022) Digital Single
American Dream (2022) Digital Single
Satanic Attack or Divine Punishment (2021) Digital Album

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