Amadeus Awad

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Amadeus Awad (born September 3, 1978) (Original Name Ahmad Awad) is a Progressive Rock/Metal guitarist and composer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and sound designer from Lebanon. He is most notable for being the first Middle-Eastern rock artist to collaborate with an American artist, along with other renowned foreign artists. 

It was at the age of six years old that Amadeus first laid his eyes on a Richie Blackmore videotape, wherein he was playing in the Deep Purple California Jam. He was highly influenced and taken away by Richie’s performance and attitude, and a strong desire urged him into doing the same. He formed his first Hard Rock band, Thorn Birds, at the age of fourteen. They mainly covered Deep Purple, Dio, and Rainbow. Leaving his childhood home and band behind, he moved to the Capital Beirut at the age of nineteen for the pursuit of his musical dream and career. After that, he played in many cover bands until he started his Solo career in mid-2010. 

In December 2012 at the age of 34, Amadeus announced the following: 12.12.12 marks a new age and a new endeavor, 3 years ago I started my solo carrier which has been filled with many exciting moments, a regional tour, 2 studio releases Ghost Stories (2011) Time Of The Equinox (2012) and most recently signed to US label Melodic Revolution Records. Since the signing Amadeus has re-released Time Of The Equinox and his 3rd album Schizanimus which features three tracks clocking in at over 23 Minutes. Schizanimus is a story of love, hate, betrayal, schizophrenia, suicide, and endless conflicts. The CD was released at Metro Al Midina on the 13th of August, where the band performed to a packed house and overwhelming response.  In 2014 Amadeus released an album called “The Book of Gates” a side project from his solo work, the album was released through Prog Power. At the beginning of 2015, Amadeus started writing and recording his follow up to Schizanimus. The new effort “Death Is Just A Feeling” was release released on August 20, 2015.

Amadeus Awad

Amadeus Awad: Guitars, Programming & Keyboards


Death Is Just A Feeling (2015) CD & Digital

Schizanimus (2013) Digital Only

Time of the Equinox (2013) Digital Only

Recording lineup for Death Is Just A Feeling

Amadeus Awad: Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitars, Keyboards, and Orchestration. Anneke Van Giersbergen (The Gathering, Ayreon, The Gentle Storm) Vocals, Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, Guilt Machine, Stream of Passion) Vocals, Elia Monsef  (Ostura, Amadeus Awad) Vocals. Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats) Drums on Tracks 2, 3, 5 & 6. Jimmy Keegan (Spocks Beard, John Waite, Santana) Drums on Track 4. Nareg Nashanikian: Cello. Rafi Nashanikian: Clarinet. Dan Harper: Narration.

Recording lineup for Schizanimus

Amadeus Awad: Guitars, Programming & Keyboards. Elia I. Monsef: Vocals Dan Veall: Bass. Danny Bou-Maroun: Orchestration & Additional Keyboards. Gavin Harrison: ( Porcupine Tree, Osi, King Crimson ) Drums.

Recording lineup for Time Of The Equinox

Amadeus Awad (Solo) All Guitars, Bass, and Programming. Elia Monsef (Amadeus Awad, Ostura) Vocals.  Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Royal Hunt) Vocals Liz Vandal (Sahara – Uli Jon Roth ) Vocals. Timo Somers (Delain) Guitar.  Mood Yassin (Amadeus Awad) Keyboards.



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