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Drastic Fall began as a concept inside of the mind of its guitarist, Richard “Dick” Nasrallah. Like Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, Dick’s vision is both human and monster, relatable but frightening. Dicks’ brainchild was born when he began collaborating with Christopher “Monkey” Fotter in 2006, and later Geoff Stone and Cory Robbins. Drastic Fall’s music is a collection of mind-blowing, in-your-face experimental metal with multiple different musical genre overtones. Their sound varies from easy listening to carnival noises and everything in between. The music is laden with superhuman guitar riffs, rhythmic bass lines, and dynamic drum beats.

In 2011 Tampa Bay Metal Examiner describes this idiosyncratic band by writing, “How many bands can make you want to roller disco and start a giant circle pit in the same verse?” Drastic Fall is the pretty side of ugly and everything, all the time, all at once. In the same year Drastic Fall released their first self-produced CD, “Everything, All the Time, All at Once” In 2012 Drastic Fall released their DVD “Stuff and Things” both available at Drasticfall.com In 2014 The Soundcheck wrote “The band molested my ears and I was all to accepting of the audible assault.  This band is an exquisite rupture of sweet musical chaos that I do not mind being addicted to.”In the same year, Drastic Fall released their second self-produced CD simply titled Drastic Fall.

Richard “Dick” Nasrallah III (born Dec. 19, 1987, Brandon, Florida) is an American multi-instrumentalist and an Audio/Video Engineer. Richard plays lead guitar in experimental funk rock band Drastic Fall, as well as banjo, percussion, saxophone, whamola, and xylophone. He has also performed and recorded with various other artists in many different genres. Richard’s playing style has been described as very avant-garde, most apparent in his live performances.

Cory Robbins was born in Holland Michigan. During the day he is a Software Engineer for a major military contractor. At night he plays bass for the Tampa based experimental funk-rock band Drastic Fall. While Cory mainly plays bass, every once in awhile you may see him jump on guitar for a Drastic Fall song. He has played bass and guitar in multiple other progressive blues and rock bands and spent time at an early age studying piano and classical guitar.

Geoff Stone is a professional multi-percussionist from New York City who is a member of Drastic Fall where he is known for performing a dynamic range of eclectic funk metal in the greater Tampa Bay area where he now resides. In addition to being a percussionist, he is able to transition to drums as well. While a member of other bands throughout the years the chemistry he has with Chris, Cory and Dick only happens once in a lifetime. 

Christopher “Monkey” Fotter was born in Lubbock, Texas. Christopher plays the drums in an experimental funk rock band Drastic Fall. He started off playing music when he was 8 years old and has played in several other local bands throughout the years. While being the backbone of the band he is also known for his witty humor and radio-style voice.

Band Members

Richard “Dick” Nasrallah:  Guitar, Banjo, Whamola, Saxophone, Xylophone, Percussion, Sitar.
Geoff Stone:  Drums, Djembe, Congas, Bongos, Cabasa, Vibra Slap, Washboard, Chimes. 
Christopher “Monkey” Fotter: Drums 
Cory Robbins:  Bass.


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Drastic Fall (2014) Melodic Revolution Records – CD & Digital
Stuff and Things (2012) – DVD – Self Released
Everything, All the Time, All at Once (2011) – CD – Self Released

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