Band Bio

At first, there was one old riff that had to be made away. Soon there was a new riff and that too had to be done away. Soon there were five, ten, fifteen… And then I had to start a band to play songs. And so Distressed was born

Distressed is probably the most relentless band I know. There has been coronavirus, drummer changes, and other annoyances, but the band has just believed in themselves and pushed forward.

The musical style has never been limited to too tight a framework, moving somewhere in grunge/heavy/hard rock/alternative terrain. Each player brings their own mark to the songs and over the years they have developed into our own sound.

Petri Lindström

Individual Member Bio’s

Jarno Virtanen bio: 

Jarno Virtanen is a singer and songwriter originating from the heart of Finland. Recent bands: The Palm: pop-rock band since 1991.Psycho rodeo: Stoner/boner rock explosion.fresco: Prog rock weirdos, Spacewagon: Actionstoner rockers, And most recently Distressed, a band that takes from all rock genres you’ve ever heard of.

Jari Penttinen bio: 

Jari started playing bass in his teens, with J.J. Burnel and Paul Simonon as his main influences.

Among the bands most notably Kokoonpano, which had some local radio hits in the early 90s.

Since then, Jari has played in 60’s garage rock/pop and Finnish punk rock classic cover bands as well.

Petri Lemmy Lindström bio:

Petri Lindström is the Founder, Bass Player, and Creative force behind Finland’s very own Progeland. Their debut release Gate to Fulfilled Fantasies was released in 2014 to critical acclaim, so work continues on the eagerly awaited follow-up due out later this year. Petri is also is also a member of Corvus Stone who just released their third album. And US prog metal band Voice of The Enslaved released their debut in late 2014.

Jarno Törn Bio

Jarno Törn has played everything that makes noise all his life and started playing in bands in the late 80’s. He started his recording career early 90s as a bassist at legendary hc-punk band Hylkiö. Afterward, he played guitar in many, many different kinds of bands influenced by British pop, alternative rock (Sonic Youth, Anyone?), grunge, black metal, you name it. Later after he moved to central Finland, he played guitar with Jarno at Psycho Rodeo and Spacewagon and now with Distressed. Currently, he plays guitar also in Rauta, a Finnish metal-influenced rock band, and mandolin in TDSY, an Irish punk-style band.

Nothing For No One Sessions

Jarno Virtanen: vocals
Petri Lindström: guitar
Jarno Törn: guitar
Jari Penttinen: bass guitar
Juha Säpsä : Drums

Five bands that have influenced us:

QOTSA, Soundgarden, Helmet, Sonic Youth; Kyuss…


Nothing For No One (TBA 2023) CD, Digital & Streaming


Website: https://www.distressedbandpage.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/distressed.band.finland
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@Distressed.band.finland
Bandcamp: Coming Soon! https://distressedfinland.bandcamp.com/