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We are INSITES, a South Florida based band comprised of Law Enforcement Officers. We found our perfect outlet through music. The band began as a group of officers from Miami International Airport who decided to get together after work, unwind and “make some noise” with their instruments. Some were very talented and some were just beginning to work on their craft, but the purpose was to relax and have some fun. Sometimes the practice studio would be standing room only with officers, and some weeks there were just two or three attempts to play something recognizable. It was a chance to get together, talk shop and unwind. It wasn’t until a few officers kept coming around and bringing original musical ideas to the table, that we started calling it music.

After a while, we had several original songs and we started to sound pretty good. Then one day one of the officers suggested starting a band with a permanent lineup and playing out live. We narrowed it down to the original four founding members and came up with the name FRONTLINE. We continued making music until we had twelve songs that were decent enough to play live and be taken seriously. But, what kind of band would we be without an LP? The FRONTLINE band went to a local studio and laid down the twelve songs, mixed and mastered it rather quickly. Moreover, we had the artwork for the cover professionally made, then burned one thousand CDs. We held a CD release party in Coconut Grove, Miami in 2008. It was a total success, attended mainly by fellow officers and their friends and some local LEO’s from various agencies. We handed out all the CD’s free of charge and became known as the local, unofficial LEO band. We finally felt recognized and that night, for a brief moment, more than just officers but rock stars! Then it took off!

We began playing shows around the Miami area and not only got the attention of our fellow officers and agents but of local law enforcement agencies as well as locals who frequented the Miami “Indie” music scene. Pretty soon we were playing South Florida institutions such as Tobacco Road the oldest live music venue in Miami, known for being the birthplace of many Miami based, now nationally recognized acts. Soon we were being invited to play at a host of fundraisers, even as far as Ft. Myers, FL. Many of these events benefited local law enforcement and their families, cancer research and a variety of other charities. We even began to play the yearly South Florida CBP picnic, which was held for OFO, BP, Air and Marine, ICE employees and their families. We were fortunate enough to do this event three years in a row! We had arrived, one CD under our belt, the recognition of our peers and a rapidly growing fan base in the local “Indie” music scene.

In 2010 after a change in our lineup, we defined our sound, found our direction, and knew where we wanted to take our dream, which began three years before as a “bunch of officers who just wanted to jam”. Our new band INSITES was the rebirth of these efforts and after hour late night jam sessions! Our second LP was finished in 2011 and this is the album where we found ourselves and re-developed our image and sound. James Gamboa, our singer, and his unique voice really made a huge impact on the songs. Combined with deep, meaningful lyrics and creative instrumentals collaboratively written by all, the chemistry could not be any better. We had found “ourselves” musically and forged a bond, not only as musicians but as brothers-in-arms.

Our self-titled CD “INSITES” was released in 2011 with great success and a sold out event in beautiful Gulf Stream Park, FL. In 2012, Jose, or as we call him “Schmidty”, had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Mr. Phil Naro, a professional musician and Grammy-winning artist with an impressive portfolio (Google him, not kidding!) at a local music venue. Mr. Naro took interest in INSITES and sort of became our mentor. In August of 2013, we traveled to Ontario Canada and had the privilege of performing as an opening act for Mr. Naro’s current band DDRIVE from Buffalo, NY. This was a huge opportunity for us as the show was not only attended by many officers assigned to Toronto Pre-Clearance but many CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) officers, RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officers as well as Peel Police department and other various local agencies. The show was not only a huge success and established a new fan base for us among our Canadian counterparts but we also found out we had been offered a contract by Mr. Naro’s label, Melodic Revolution Records, based out of Orlando Florida.

Insites are currently working on their third CD and have so far released the two singles “Tattoo” and “Wait”. Many new songs to follow, we are expecting the release of our new album in 2016/2017. This journey of creating music based on lessons we have learned in life and personal experiences are all infused in our songs, many of which we hope you will relate to. Some are dedicated to fallen officers, others about everyday life and love lost.

Please listen, we hope you love our music as much as we do. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and sharing with your peers and friends.
– Insites

Band Members

James Gamboa: Lead Vocals & Guitar
Joseph Kuchta: Bass & Vocals
Jose Rodriguez-Schmidt: Lead guitar & Vocals
John Wagner: Drums


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Last Thought EP (2018)
Tattoo – Single (2016)
Wait – Single (2015)
Etched In Stone – Single (2014) 
Insites (2011)

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