Jack Dimensions

Short Bio

Jack Dimensions is a 23-year-old composer from Mar Del Plata, Argentina. Despite his young age, he’s participated as a session musician and arranger in several musical projects.

2019 found him working with his band La Whillington, led by Pablo Ciambotti, in the creation of their new album called “El Raro Soy Yo” (trans. “I Am The Weirdo”), an album that featured many special guests from the national music scene.

He also performed in major national festivals such as Rock en Baradero and Fiesta Nacional De La Cerveza, along with international bands like Ska-P from Spain and No Te Va Gustar from Uruguay.

He spent most of early 2020 recording his first album, ‘Camino’ from his former band Problematic Dimension. He played piano, guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals, and programming.  The album was produced and mixed by Andres Guazzelli and mastered by Alvaro Villagra at Estudios del Abasto Monsterland.

He released his debut solo single, “Galaxia En Tus Ojos”, in August 2020. The track, dedicated to his life partner, narrates the various landscapes of falling in love and culminates in a euphoric solo ecstasy he felt in a kiss.

In parallel, Jack collaborated with fellow Argentinian composer Andres Guazzelli on several projects, most prominently on his album ‘Atypical’ and his single ‘Flores de Abril’, in which he played clavinet, Rhodes piano, synthesizers, and Hammond organ.

By early 2021 he founded Arnoldo’s Lizards along with Alvaré Goco. Together they worked on what ultimately became their debut album, “Satanic Attack or Divine Punishment”. He took on the mantle of producer and arranger of the album while co-writing the tracks with his partner.

His second single, “El Concepto es Irreal”, is scheduled to be released on September 2nd. The track is a tribute to his late great-grandmother Providencia Ramos and features renowned local guitarist and Jack’s cousin-once-removed Pablo Marino as a special guest.
A song that paints, with diverse conjunction of genres, various stretches of his life, memories, and metaphors that were etched to eternity.

By Jack’s own admission, he dedicated so much love and energy to the writing phase that every night after a recording session, his great-grandmother appeared in his dreams and thanked him for his gift. He believes that is the reason why it took him so long to finish it.

Solo Discography

Jack Dimensions – Viaje (2022) Digital Single
Jack Dimensions – Morte (2022)
Jack Dimensions – El Concepto es Irreal  (2021) Digital Single
Jack Dimensions – Galaxia En Tus Ojos (2020) Digital Single

Arnoldo’s Lizards Discography

Arnoldo’s Lizards – American Dream (2022) Digital Single
Arnoldo’s Lizards – Satanic Attack or Divine Punishment (2021) Digital Album

Collaborations, Session Work, and Other Projects

Andres Guazzelli – Flores de Abril (2021) Digital Single
Andres Guazzelli – Atypical (2020) Digital Album
La Whillington – El Raro Soy Yo (2020) Digital Album
Problematic Dimension – Camino (2020) Digital Album

Jack Dimension Online:
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Bandcamp: https://jackdimensions.bandcamp.com/  
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TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jackdimensions
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