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When you think of Progressive Rock music you might imagine overambitious chord progressions, pompous synthesizer noodling, and long, endless musical phrases that never seem to end. But, think again. Jeffrey Erik Mack’s music is much deeper than that. In fact, it is the epitome of Prog with poetic storytelling through the medium of instrumental music.

When asked why Jeff would be interested in a genre that is almost entirely ignored by the general music community he states, “Music is the sonic elixir to life and I want to be that medicine man to folks who do not realize the artistic beauty and sophistication of Prog.” Jeffrey Erik Mack’s belief is that music is the golden key to every man, woman, and child’s heart. He further states that every person has a storyline to their life. He feels that his story is to be that golden key. To provide music for the flight to the imagination and to be touched emotionally by the colors and sounds of Prog. He goes on by saying, “Music has been known for centuries for its power to heal and bring gratification. I want to be that vessel, that lighthouse in essence that brings the ship into the harbor safely. Letting the listener into the light and out of the darkness – raising their frequency level. Bringing folks closer to the power of Progressive Rock Music.

Jeff grew up in Sloan, New York. A very small village just outside of Buffalo. His musical endeavors began at an early age where he played tuba and trombone for his High School classical ensemble and the electric bass guitar for the jazz band and pit band for musical plays. Jeff’s love for the sound of the bass guitar and avant-garde music made him lean towards musical groups such as Rush, Yes, Jethro Tull, and the music of Allan Holdsworth. Musicians such as Jeff Berlin, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Geddy Lee, and Chris Squire were big influences on his playing. Jeff used those influences and honed his bass guitar chops with a very popular Progressive Rock Trio in the Western New York area called Tobias. A fond and deep memory that Jeff cherishes.

In 1987 Jeff relocated to Southern California to study at the famed Musicians Institute of Technology. He studied diligently, devoting himself to the art of music and graduating with honors. Over the years that followed Jeff played with many great musicians around the So Cal circuit, but it wasn’t until he joined the Progressive Rock band Scarlet Hollow that Jeff felt he had finally met the powerhouse musicians and friendship he had been seeking.

After three successful albums with the Progressive Rock quartet Scarlet Hollow, Jeff felt the need to begin writing his own material. In December of 2019 he began writing and recording his debut solo Progressive Rock Fusion album, “The Forgotten Earth.” A myriad of elaborate and ornate songs that take the listener on a journey of progressively based music that leads to a realm of mirth and magic. Jeff’s final thoughts, “Music can stir the soul and evoke feelings deep within us. It is a language that is understood by all and produces pleasure that no one can live without. I can only hope that my music penetrates and speaks to you musically, harmoniously and with reverence.”



Jeffrey Erik Mack – The Forgotten Earth (2021) CD & Digital Album
Marco Ragni – The Wandering Carvan (2018) CD & Digital Album
Marco Ragni – Land of Blue Echo (2016) CD & Digital Album
Scarlet Hollow – A Window to October (2020) CD & Digital Album 
Scarlet Hollow – What If Never Was (2012) CD & Digital Album
Scarlet Hollow – Sanctuary – Remaster (2010) Digital EP

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