Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius

Led by electric violinist/vocalist Joe Deninzon, who has been called “The Hendrix of the violin” Stratospheerius has showcased their unique brand of progressive, violin-driven hard rock throughout the universe. 

Joe Deninzon, who is the new violinist/guitarist for classic rock band Kansas, has also played with the Who, Bruce Springsteen, 50Cent, Ritchie Blackmore, and as the concertmaster for Renaissance. His band members have great pedigrees, as well. Drummer Jason Gianni (The Ultimate Queen Celebration, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rock of Ages, Neal Morse Band), guitarist Michelangelo Quirinale (Thrilldriver), and bassist Paul Ranieri (Mark Wood, Riot Act), have streamed over 3 million times on Spotify, YouTube, and other digital services. 

The band’s latest release is the box set, “Behind the Curtain (Live at ProgStock)” on Melodic Revolution Records, made up of two CDs one DVD, and one Blu-ray. The release features live performances at the Northeast’s premier progressive rock festival and shows this treasured electric violinist/singer-songwriter’s history of favorites in the past decade and a half in the rock scene.  Prog UK writes “Two spirited sets packed with hooks and chops and delivered with decidedly American zeal.” Prog Archives observes: “This is an absolutely glorious set from a group who consistently deliver.”

(Live at ProgStock)” hit number 4 on the Relix/Jam Radio charts and stayed on the charts for four months; the group’s cover of King Crimson’s “Frame by Frame” was recently popular on NAAC Radio’s single charts.  The album also features an unrehearsed cover of  Joe on acoustic violin and blind piano and flute virtuoso Rachel Flowers and Alex Skolnick on Chick Corea’s “Spain.”    

“Deninzon demonstrates that he is perhaps the finest electric violinist of his generation. Notably, he discharges scorching violin solos, performed at dizzying speed, along with various mesmerizing, innovative violin techniques.”
-Angel Romero (

“Deninzon attacks his electric violin and vocal chords with enviable fierceness. “One Foot in the Next World” finishes this flaming set by finding Joe in a Hendrix mode-.. with his nose operating the fingerboard—and there’s a symbolic bridging of the past and future which mere mortals can rarely achieve.”

“Every song has enough hooks to crochet a blanket big enough to cover a football stadium. Interesting chord sequences and mood changes pile one atop the other in waves of pleasant surprise. These guys rock hard enough to rip your face off! The performance is so alive, I can almost feel the discomfort of the old theatre seat on my bum. Wow!”
-John Giordano

“The band, is outstanding — drummer Jason Gianni, guitarist Michelangelo Quirinale, and bassist Paul Ranieri are all strong players, and are collectively a very tight and well-rehearsed unit. And with the way Deninzon swoops, chops, and coaxes all manner of noises out of his violin, he certainly lives up to the “Jimi Hendrix of violin” label he’s gotten from the press.”-Howard Whitman, Goldmine Magazine

“This is an absolutely glorious set from a group who consistently deliver. It is perhaps no surprise at all that Kansas chose Joe as violinist on their 50th Anniversary Tour. That is amazing news for him, but let us hope it is not too long until we get more music from these guys, as this collection is just stunning.”
-Kev Rowland

“When you put distorted guitars up against a violin you get magic. When you put a violin solo in a metal song, you get Fucking amazing shit! I love it when artists push the boundaries of what is perceived as the norm … I tip my hat and bow my head in awe ..”-Act/one Magazine. 

“Stratospheerius music is otherworldly!” They can tear out ear hairs and stomp them flat!…sounding both ahead of the curve and accessible at the same time. ”-#cirdecsongs. 

“Joe Deninzon has pioneered a new standard for rock violin, much the same way Ian Anderson did for the flute.”
-Nick Tate, Progression Magazine

“(Violinist/singer) Joe’s talents are flat out phenomenal, and the progressive rock tapestry he weaves around himself is carried out to perfection by his amazing band.”

“––On the stage with strings smoking and thoughts flying faster than the Concorde on amphetamines. (Joe Deninzon’s) compositions (are) living, fire-breathing monsters.”
-Jedd Beaudoin

“As at home in the world of Grappeli and O’Connor as he is in the world of Steve Vai and Jimi Hendrix, Joe Deninzon may very well be our next national violin treasure!!”
-Jedd Beaudoin

“If the violin has a future in rock and jazz, it is with Joe Deninzon”
-Relix Magazine

“Fleshing out the Stratospheerius sound are: Out of This World strings, sultry guitar, rumbling basslines, frantic drumming, and celebratory vocals that enunciate lyrical outlines of life. The songs are gripping and energetic… Insistent melodies made compelling by the violin passion.”
-Matt Howarth (

**“…a frenzied mélange of alt-bluegrass, progressive rock, jazz fusion and funkability with shades of neo-hippie 90’s and space rock for good measure. If Bela Fleck and Frank Zappa had a love child in outer space, it might grow up to sound like these guys do.”

Joe Deninzon: Electric Violin, Lead Vocals & Mandolin
Michelangelo Quirinalem, Guitars
Paul Ranieri, Bass
Jason Gianni, Drums. 

Behind The Curtain – Live at ProgStock CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Boxse (May 19, 2023) Digital and Streaming
Guilty of Innocence (2018) LP/Vinyl
Guilty of Innocence (2017) CD & Digital Album

One Foot In The Next World – Live at ProgStock – Single (May 12, 2023) Digital and Streaming
The Prism “Live at ProgStock” (2022) Digital Single
Game of Chicken (Live at ProgStock) (2021) Digital Single
Cognitive Dissonance (2021) Digital Single
Storm Surge (2020) Digital Single
Frame by Frame (2020) Digital Single
Hysteria (2017) Digital Single

The Next World (2012) CD & Digital
Headspace (2007) CD & Digital
Live Wire (2004) CD & Digital
The Adventures of Stratospheerius (2002) CD & Digital  
Electric / Blue (1998) CD & Digital  

Phoen1x: Immaterial Witness (2020)
Thank You Scientist: Terraformer (2019)
Alessandra Belloni: Healing Journey with the Black Madonna (2019)
Fernando Perdomo: Out to Sea 2 (2019)
In Continuum Acceleration Theory (2019)
Renaissance: Symphonic Journey (2018)
Phoen1x: Small Charade. Single (YouTube Video) (2018)
CIRCULINE: Live Majestik (2018)

Lucianna Padmore, Drums
Jamie Bishop, Bass
Aurelian Budynek, Guitar.

Joe Deninzon

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