Troubleshooting Pandora’s Box


Troubleshooting Pandora’s Box is a new musical project by Melodic Revolution Records founder Nick Katona that is in progress. The idea for this project came about 20 + years ago not long after the dawn of the internet age. I wanted to address and talk about the many issues that have come to light via Pandora’s Box. 

What is Pandora’s Box?
Pandora was given a box or a jar, called “Pithos” in Greek Mythology. The gods told her that the box contained special gifts from them but she was not allowed to open the box ever… well we know the end of that story. Moving forward a few Millenia we have a new “box” one entrusted to the human race; the internet. This new “box” represents a source of great and unexpected troubles, it can be valuable but in reality, can also be a curse.

About the Music?
This project is an exploration into what lies behind beauty, sometimes it is evil and corrupt. These concepts will provide a lush platform for rich storytelling lending insight to our modern age with a focus on how to make our lives and world better. This is not a project by a band but instead, it comes from a collaboration of artists, whose styles, backgrounds, and interpretation through their cultural lens provide beautiful music filled with great hooks and lyrics that will resonate with each of us. Each song will be a digital-only release initially, with a full album of the best to follow in the future. Stay tuned, we have our first piece releasing shortly, full details to follow.

We are thrilled that our first single Pyrrha’s Song was released today.

Music composed by Dyanne Potter Voegtlin
Arranged by Jan-Christian Vögtlin
Lyrics by Ralph Shephard

Keyboards, vocals: Dyanne Potter Voegtlin
Bass, guitar, keyboards: Jan-Christian Vögtlin
Drums: Jimmy Keegan

Produced by Dyanne Potter Voegtlin & Jan-Christian Vögtlin
Painting by Giovanni Maria Bottalla
Art concept and layout, Nick Katona

About The song
Pyrrha was Pandora’s daughter, her father was the Titan Epimetheus. Pyrrha and her husband Deukalion (Deucalion) were the sole survivors of the Great Deluge. To repopulate the earth, Hermes instructed them to cast stones over their shoulder, which formed a new race of men and women. Ralph Shephard’s lyrics speak to Pyrrha’s story facing the Great Flood and her duty to repopulate the world.

Sometimes there is synchronicity as is this case.
In late 2019 while attending ProgStock I had reached out to many musicians that I have known for some time regarding this project I had in mind for many years, I was thrilled at the reception given by everyone I had approached, they all seemed eager to participate in this endeavor.

The plan was to set up a space where we could all meet up virtually and work on the ideas, then wham! out of nowhere, life happens. and we had to move wife ends up in the hospital due to injury and then covid hit so I just kept pushing it off as we didn’t know what would happen. then in early December last year, I had set a place for us to meet up virtually and the next thing I know is Dyanne Potter Voegtlin contacted me and said there is a working idea for the first track, so now I will let her explain the next step.

Some time ago Ralph contacted me out of the blue and asked if I would collaborate on his project, he is in the midst of making a movie, an animated film. I was open to it so he sent me a list of lyrics; he is incredibly prolific. And then nothing really happened, I got busy with Potter’s Daughter and time went by. Then, I told him I was interested in lyrics pertaining to Pandora, and he actually told me he already had several songs related to Pandora and sent me four different ones. This one, in particular, spoke to me; I immediately heard the melody upon reading the lyrics. So I composed it fairly quickly, it started off much softer and reflective sounding. But then Jan agreed to arrange it and he is the one who turned it into what we hear now! Of course, Jimmy Keegan was approached about laying down some drums to the track now known as Pyrrha’s song Jimmy’s drums added so much!
Dyanne Potter Voegtlin

There you have it the birth of what promises to be an amazing project and a brilliant first song.
I want to thank everyone involved in the project so far, but stay tuned we have a lot more in store for you all.


2nd song in the works for a 2021release
Pyrrha’s Song (March 19, 2021) Digital Only Single