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Unified Past was a well kept progressive rock secret. However, their 2013 release “Spots” was their most gripping recording yet that connected with fans of progressive rock and was met with positive reviews in progressive rock circles. Shifting The Equilibrium is the band’s7th release and promise to appeal to an even wider array of prog fans as the band has stepped up a notch or two with the addition of Emmy Award Winning Singer, Song Writer, and Vocalist Phil Naro.  

Unified Past featuring Stephen Speelman a guitarist with a master’s degree in classical guitar performance, Dave Mickelson a bass player who is currently a member of Joey Belladonna’s Chief Big Way, Roger Banks a drummer who has earned himself a well-deserved reputation as one of Canada’s leading drummers for bands like Sarasin, Keyboardist Mike Sues is one of the two newest members of the band, and last but not least an Emmy Award Winning Singer, Song Writer and Vocalist Phil Naro.

There most certainly are plenty of chop’s to be found in this band’s music. But as powerful as this band can be, their overall sound focuses more on melody and song composition than it does on technical gymnastics. Blending seventies style progressive rock with modern day progressive influences, Unified Past delivers a unique and identifiable sound all of their own. If you are a dedicated fan of progressive rock music then Unified Past is for you.

June 2016
Unified Past announces the newest member to the fold Keyboardist Jason Hanley. Jason has quite a background, including – Musicologist, Musician, Author, and VP of Education at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Jason has a well-rounded knowledge and appreciation of all musical genres but has a true love for progressive rock.

Unified Past has started composing music for their follow up to the highly acclaimed album Shifting The Equilibrium as well as gearing up for some upcoming show!

June 23, 2016, Unified Past is confirmed for 2017 RoSfest

January 9th, 2017 Unified Past confirm their new Drummer Roger Banks.

May 6th 2017 Ephemeral Sun Keyboardist John Battema make his debut at RoSfest as the newest member of the band.

Band Members

Stephen Speelman: Vocals, Guitar & Keys
Dave Mickelson: Bass
Roger Banks: Drums
John Battema: Keyboards
Phil Naro: Vocals


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Latest Release


New Album TBA  2017/18
Shifting The Equilibrium (Sept 2015)
Spots (2013)
Observations (2011)
Tense (2009)
Breaking Up the Atmosphere (2009)
Power of Existence (2009)
From the Splintered Present Surfaces… (2001)

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Shifting The Equilibrium (2015)
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Spots (2013)
Bandcamp | CD Baby | iTunes | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Japan |
Observations (2011)
Bandcamp | CD Baby | iTunes | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Japan |
Tense (2009)
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What the critics are saying
“A Definite “Must Have” For Your Prog Rock Collection”
— Bernadette Barter, Rock-fm.CA, May 17, 2017

“The band known as Unified Past really have something to share with us all. Great music and a great message…”
— The Scientist and Ratsel, The Skeptics Review, Nov 15, 2016

“…very high-quality stuff that is a must for fans of Yes, Styx, Spock’s Beard. Make sure not to miss this excellent release!”
— Strutter.8m.com, Dec 25, 2015

“Unified Past takes another giant step forward, catapulting the band to the upper tier of respectability alongside American prog/rock bands like Dream Theater, Queensryche and Spock’s Beard.”
— Joseph Shingler, Prognaut, Nov 25, 2015

“…One of those albums that on first listen you can’t wait to hear what comes next”.
— Michael Popke, Progression Magazine, Issue #68, Oct 22, 2015



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