Voice of The Enslaved

Short Bio

Voice of The Enslaved is a side project by Blake Carpenter best known for his progressive rock band The Minstrel’s Ghost and his work with progressive band Corvus Stone.
According to Blake: “This project is for all free thinkers, those who can read between the lines, those who can see through all the lies that we are told every day. From conspiracy theories to reality we are inundated with threats of the total loss of the freedoms we are entitled to at birth. We are manipulated and conned by the governments of the world and forced into slavery by the corporations that control them. These issues are not political issues they are about the struggle of the human race to be free from servitude, about the will and need to survive. The mainstream music industry all around the world is now producing stale, monotonous music and feeding it to you in commercials, television shows, movies and more. They are undoubtedly one of the co-conspirators in this dumbing down and brainwashing of the human mind that leads us all into slavery.”

Band Members

Blake Carpenter: Vocals, Keys & Acoustic Guitars (The Minstrels Ghost, Corvus Stone & Coalition)
Robert McClung: Guitars (Telergy)
Petri “Lemmy” Lindström: Bass Guitars (Progeland & Corvus Stone)
Zoltan Csörsz Jr: Drums (The Flower Kings, Karmakanic & The Minstrels Ghost)

Special Guest Appearances on Breaking News:
Marty Dorfman, Terri Carpenter and Troy James Martin and Elizabeth Martin.


Voice of the Enslaved (2014)



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