Bleeding was the first Transport Aerian album after a 3 years hiatus. It is poetic, sharp-edged musical piece, which philosophy is closest to those calling themselves expressionists in poetry and fine arts. The album features ten tracks, new artwork and a 16 page PDF booklet.

The 24-bit Re-master of bleeding will be released on Tuesday March 18th 2014 exclusively as a Digital release through Melodic Revolution Records. The standard 16-bit version of bleeding will be available via all digital distribution outlets in the coming weeks.

Track Listing:
1. Mortals 03:46
2. Inspire 10:04
3. Score 02:51
4. Fog Vision 03:48
5. Nightsky 03:54
6. Love 03:49
7. Edges 08:05
8. Winter 06:02
9. Triangle Town 07:04
10. A Lamb To The Knife 06:16

Transport Aerian Is:
Hamlet: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Samples.

All music and lyrics by Hamlet.
Recorded and mixed in Leuven, 2011-2013.
Original Mixing and Mastering by Hamlet.
Re-master by Hamlet March 2014
Concept artworks by Tanja Bogocharova, photo’s by Zoe Parton.

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