Transport Aerian

Short Bio

Transport Aerian is essentially a one-man prog noir project led by a producer and multi-instrumentalist Hamlet. It sets no strict genre borders, knows no musical or spiritual limits. At the different times, the project had been working with different musicians, always changing and shifting its live and studio experiences depending on what the current creative state demands, performing drastically different kinds of music, yet always staying in the shape of poetic, sharp-edged artistic kind.

The project’s philosophy is closest to those, calling themselves expressionists in poetry and fine arts, therefore, the inner side of the emotional expression is what Hamlet intends to bring through project’s music to whoever who is willing to hear the word said.

Band Members

Hamlet // Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Programming, Drums, and Samples 
Rachel Bauer // Spoken Word and Vocals


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MRR Discography

Therianthrope (2017)
Darkblue (2015)
Love.Blood.Live (2014)
Bleeding 24 Bit Remaster (2014)

Previous Releases

Bleeding (2013)
Charcoal (2010)
Blessed (2009)

Current Release



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