Days Before Tomorrow

in brief…

The band was formed in 2006 by guitarist/keyboardist Scott Kahn and keyboardist Jason Buchwald, who were joined shortly after by vocalist Eric Klein. After an alt rock-styled debut EP that included bassist Chris Walker and drummer Kevin Soffera (Seether), the lineup evolved and solidified around second guitarist Derek Davodowich, bassist Robert “Zeek” Maziekien (Eternity X), and drummer Jason Gianni (Neal Morse Band, Rock of Ages (Broadway), Joe Deninzon/Stratospheerius). 

With a new focus on melodic progressive rock, the band went on to record its 2009 phenom, The Sky Is Falling, with legendary music producer Ron Nevison (Jefferson Starship, Heart, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin). The album won Record of the Year in the 2009 Los Angeles Music Awards along with numerous other accolades including a Grammy nomination, but with continued personnel changes and other internal struggles, the group disbanded after recording (but not releasing) a riveting followup record.

Time heals all wounds, they say, and reconciliation among certain band members left the door to future collaboration open. Just as a billion cosmic coincidences led to the original band lineup coming together, once again the universe determined that Days Before Tomorrow needed to get back on track. In 2022, while Scott and Derek were three records deep in their alternative pop project, Dream Eternal Bliss, they decided it was time to start mixing the previously unreleased record. As it turns out, Eric had the same idea, and he reached out to Scott to talk about work on the unreleased material. That led to a dinner, and thirty minutes later, they were already talking about a hundred what-ifs. Within a few short weeks, Scott, Eric, and Derek were already brainstorming on an endless stream of new musical ideas, and they knew that now was the time to put Days Before Tomorrow back into action.

Although drummer Gianni was unavailable due to a massively booked schedule, there was no shortage of musicians clamoring to be part of the reformed Days Before Tomorrow. 

There is a lengthy history to Days Before Tomorrow, much of which you’ll find on Wikipedia, but in short:

Days Before Tomorrow Current Lineup

Eric Klein: vocals
Scott Kahn: guitars, backing vocals
Derek Davodowich: guitars, backing vocals
John Gale: keyboards, backing vocals
Matt Maldonado: drums
Jacob Asbury: bass, vocals 


  • Now and Then Part II: Stories and Dreams (2023)
  • The Naked Sea (single) (2013)
  • The Sky Is Falling (2009)
  • Days Before Tomorrow (2006)

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