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Andres Guazzelli (born December 20, 1984) is an Argentinian singer, composer, producer, engineer, sound designer and film scorer from Mar del Plata. He earned a college degree in Audio Engineering & Music Production while continuing his studies in Music Theory, Harmony and Baroque composing. A major cinephile, Andres originally wanted to make a living recording and producing music, but during his college training, there was a portion of the curriculum that was all about Audio Post-Production for Film. He became so fascinated by it, he decided to make a career of it. He took special interest in ADR Recording & Mixing, as well as Foley Engineering.

To date, he has worked on over 30 films. “If you can imagine Brian May, Santana and John Williams composing a piece of music together, that can move progressive rock fans and cinema audience at the same time, then you are imagining what his music attempts to be” – Colin Tench, 2013. A classically-trained musician, Andres combines heavy orchestral work with the edginess and modern textures of progressive rock and the brass-driven dramatic scores from epic films. His music contains strong influences of baroque and classical music, as well as medieval and renaissance music, within the frame of symphonic rock.

Keen on ethnic sounds and textures, he spends a great deal of time studying and experimenting with African percussion’s, instruments and vocal textures, such as mbube and isicathamiya. He has named Queen’s front-man Freddie Mercury as his idol and biggest influence. “I consider myself an advanced student of the Mercurian School of singing”, he says. “Freddie was, and still is my greatest teacher”. Mercury’s influence can be noticed instantly: one of Andres’ trademarks is the use of heavy overdubbed multi-track vocals, across a four octaves vocal range. Andrew Lloyd Webber has also been cited as one of Andres’ major influences.

A big fan of musical theater, his dramatic style of composing and arranging is strongly influenced by big-time musicals, most notably Jesus Christ Superstar, The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserábles. He has cited several film score composers as his inspirations, including John Williams, Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore. Guazzelli draws inspiration from several well-known progressive acts, such as Queen, Genesis, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Kansas, Toto and Yes. Vocally, he’s also strongly influenced by Jeff Buckley, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Joey Tempest and South African male choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

2013 was Guazzelli’s breakthrough year: He collaborated with international prog acts Corvus Stone and Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5, lent his voice for the Android game Nick Run Over Water and ultimately released his debut single ‘Wish You Could Hear’. 2015 see’s the release of his first single Overture from the upcoming album Wotan: The Untold Story

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Andres Guazzelli


Wotan: The Untold Story (single) 2015
Wish You Could Hear (EP) – 2013