Andy John Bradford

Short Bio

Andy John Bradford is a Singer-Songwriter from the North East of England who as a boy traveled a lot due to the nature of his father’s work in the Church Army.

Later in 1972 settling in Bradford in West Yorkshire where he lived through adulthood taking on a number of jobs but not really settling in any of them. As a boy, he always had a keen interest in music and the guitar and his parents took the plunge and bought him his first guitar, a Jumbo-sized Echo 6 string. It had a wonderful tone and a massive sound and Andy loved it though at first like most boys, struggled to get to grips with it.

With the aid of his teacher and mentor “Mr. McCleroy” Sadly now passed on, he became to know how to put together a tune and play the basic chords, enough to start writing his own songs. His first song “Where is She” was a hopeless drone of a tune which soon fell into the shadows of history but he soon learned the art of songwriting with the help of his songwriting heroes of the era namely Tom Paxton, John Denver, Van Morrison and others of that ilk however his love was for rock, though he never really gained the ability to sing with that rock voice.