Michael-Alan Taylor

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Michael-Alan was born into a musical family; both his Mother and Grandmother having sung in clubs of the time and his Grandfather played drums. So it was no surprise to his family and friends when he began singing as a small child to his friends the popular songs of the day. He started playing guitar around the time he left school and was initially self-taught sharing his brother’s classical guitar. Many of the first tunes he learned were from his brother who was taking classical guitar lessons.

Shortly thereafter Alan purchased his first guitar, a 12-string Ibanez. He started to write songs and play in folk clubs. Teaming up for a while with the ‘Big Man’ Pete Rodger who was previously one of the ‘The Taverners‘ a very popular folk group during the 1970s.

In 1981 Michael-Alan met Martin Walker (Nth Ascension) and started writing and recording with him, this partnership and 1986 would introduce him to Darrel Treece-Birch (TEN, Nth Ascension) this partnership of friends has continued to write music, most recently as part of Nth Ascension.

The late 80’s with friend Darrel, “Purple On The Storm” emerged in Fleetwood, UK showcasing Michael-Alan as the energetic and nearly acrobatic front man and stage performer with a powerful and commanding presence.

The 1990-2000s saw a flurry of activity with “Helmwind”, “The Order of Chaos”, “Noise Foundation”, “AD” and “The Field”. Through it all, Michael-Alan also began several solo projects in the rock, progressive and cinematic soundtrack vein.

Today Michael-Alan is active with Nth Ascension (2010-present) and has been writing his solo project Avalonia (The Sonnets of Guinevere) releasing on Melodic Revolution Records summer 2018. It is a soundscape of cinematic vision reaching through the ages.


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Michael-Alan Taylor – Avalonia (The Sonnets of Guinevere) (2019)
Darrel Treece-Birch – No More Time (2016)
Nth Ascension  – In Fine Initium (2016)
Nth Ascension – Ascension Of Kings (2014)
Nth Ascension – Frequencies Of Day & Night (2011)

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