A Gardening Club Project

Short Bio

Martin Springett is an extraordinary artist and was a friend of the legendary Pauline Baynes (an English illustrator, author, and commercial artist). Martin was born in Crayford, Kent, England, in 1947. He studied art (as he learned to play the guitar) for two semesters at the Brassey School of Art in Hastings, Sussex. He emigrated to the West Coast of Canada in 1965 but returned to the UK in 1973 to pursue music in various bands. He spent time in Germany and toured through Europe. While in London Martin started to illustrate and design record covers for Columbia Records. Upon his return to Vancouver, Martin carried on with music and illustrated various books and magazines. In 1978 he moved to Toronto, maintaining activity in every area where illustration is required. He released his album, The Gardening Club, in 1983.