Don Mularz

Short Bio

For singer/songwriter/guitarist Don Mularz, music is all about that direct emotional connection with the listener. “A song doesn’t have to be strictly autobiographical, but it either needs to be perceived to be so, or, even better perhaps, strike a chord in the listener who recognizes their own story in it,” he says. “That’s what makes a song valid.”

Mularz is Dark Horse Flyer’s primary songwriter and singer, and an integral part of the band’s three-guitar frontline. His work as a composer and a guitarist combines the earthiness of blues and rock n’ roll with an accent of jazz sophistication and the slinkiness of Latin-based rhythms. The constant that ties together his creative voice as a songwriter, singer, and a guitarist (rhythm, lead, and acoustic work) is storytelling through lyrical musicianship, deeply expressive vocals, and poignant and poetic lyrics. In this realm, he holds his standards to his inspirations, including artists such as Steven Stills, James Taylor, Little Feat, Steely Dan, Jackson Brown, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Rodgers.

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