Port Mahadia

Short Bio

US-based Heavy Prog band Port Mahadia formed in 2004, in 2007  the band released their self-released debut album Echoes In Time. Fast forward to 2016 as the band returns with their highly anticipated sophomore release Quantum Space.

Port Mahadia brings together a group of true rock heavyweights. Drawing from their inspirations in the music world PM takes progressive rock in a new direction.

Influenced by bands and musicians such as Dream Theater, ELP, Kansas, Rush, Yes and Mozart, Port Mahadia has evolved into a style and sound of their own.

This is the next level of progressive rock.

Band Members

Erinn Waggoner – Bassist & Vocals
Johnny Anderson – Guitar
Justin Emmerson – Drums

Past Members and Guest Musicians

Rusty Clutts – Drums, Cameron Castle – Guitar, Dave Gilbert – Vocals, Damian Wilson – Vocals (Threshold, Rick Wakeman), Natalie Grace Chua – Vocals, Will Shaw – Vocals (Unflexablegrace), Sol Yamil – Vocals (The Third Grade), William O’Connell – Keyboards, Jared Hill – Keyboards, Kerry Shacklett – Keyboards (Presto Ballet), Tracy Silverman – Violin, David Ragsdale – Violin (KANSAS), Hugh McDowell – Cello (ELO the Electric Light Orchestra), David Lee – Narration, Rachel Arant, Jenna Broege, Kelli Jo Compton, Megan Little – Choir, Nicole Lambert – Choir Direction


Quantum Space
– 2016

Echoes In Time – 2007




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