Short Bio

Colouratura is a studio project/band that started back sometime in early 2016, more or less over summer break when Nathan James and I tracked a couple of tunes together. What’s occurred in the intervening months is an album cobbled together of every genre we could throw at it …

Colouratura traverses an emotional journey on Unfamiliar Skies our upcoming second album, charting the far reaches of rock, jazz, psychedelia, krautrock, folk, metal and electronic.

“With Unfamiliar Skies, we definitely decided early on that we wanted to do something a bit more focused than the first album.” “So a couple of decisions were made. For one, we wanted a more rhythm-oriented work, so we made sure to use a more or less consistent rhythm section and tried to feature the bass, guitar, and drums more.”

“We also wanted to highlight Nathan’s (James) skills as a composer, since so much of the previous effort was constructed via focused improvisation. Unfamiliar Skies is very deliberate, very calculated and very fully realized album.”

Band Members

Nathan James – voice, keyboards, bass, horn
Ian Beabout – flute, editing, sound design and production


Unfamiliar Skies (2018) CD & Digital
Colouratura (2017) CD & Digital

Latest Release


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Artists That Inspire Us

Pink Floyd, Bent Knee, Cardiacs, Moody Blues, Procol Harum, Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa, Jack o’ the Clock, The Muffins, Nick Prol & the Proletarians, XTC, Jethro Tull, Knifeworld


Band Interests

Insomnia, uncomfortable sounds, pop music, dynamics, vocal groups, organs, cats.




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