Murky Red

Short Bio

Murky Red is a Belgian based band founded in 2009, who combines elements of classic rock, prog rock, blues, stoner, and metal in their music. If their musical style was a human life form, it would be the love child of Deep Floyd, The Black Doors, and Led Sabbath. Slayer and Monty Python were the nannies.

In 2011 they signed a record deal with the Florida based record label Melodic Revolution Records, and thanks to the support of Martin Smith (they call him the seventh band member) they were able to release their debut album ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’ in 2012, mixed and mastered by Colin Tench (Corvus StoneTransmission RailsOceans 5, Coalition, CTP), who also became a seventh band member actually.

In 2013 the band got screwed by a Canadian promoter/manager. To make a long and annoying story short, this had a big negative effect on the fundraising campaign for their second album. They lost a lot of money, time and effort, but the band kept on moving and continued writing new songs.

After a nasty period of serious illness and the loss of loved ones, Murky Red is ready to strike again with their second album ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’, released on October 26, 2015 by Melodic Revolution Records.

Colin Tench once again did a fantastic mixing and mastering job, and he added some majestic guitar parts on ‘Collateral Damage’, one of the new songs on the album. Murky Red is: Stef Flaming: songwriting, guitars & vocals Patrick Dujardin: guitars Luk Lantin: bass Rene Marteaux: drums Marie Vancamp: backing vocals & percussion Yolanda Flaming: keys Colin Tench: mixing and mastering and guest guitar player on ‘Heal My Bleeding Heart’ and ‘Collateral Damage’.


MURKY RED was formed in 2009 by Stef and Yolanda Flaming, and for the next year or so a settled line-up crystallized after the often customary comings and goings of band members in a formative phase. As soon as they had cemented their line-up they hit the studio, and towards the end of 2012 their debut album Time Doesn’t Matter was released through US indie label Melodic Revolution Records.

While finding their way on social media to promote their band, Yolanda discovered a song from the 80’s progband BunChakeze, named ‘The Deal’. Both Yoli and Stef were struck by this beautiful piece of music, and a bit later they got in touch with one of the composers and guitarist of that band, Colin Tench. (Corvus StoneTransmission RailsOceans 5).

This meeting became a turning point for Murky Red. Under guidance of Colin, they got connected with lots of interesting people from all around the world. Stef discovered a new musical universe, and came up with a new series of songs, influenced by legendary bands as Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and The Doors. They recorded some demos and got airplay for the very first time on internet radio Aiiradio. After a while, their songs were picked up by lots of other stations all around the globe. Later that year, they met Nick Katona, CEO of the US record label Melodic Revolution Records and the band got an interesting record deal. Before they realized it themselves, Murky Red found their own musical identity.

Beside Colin they met lots of other great people who became very important for the band. It was thanks to one of them, Mat Cat, that they were able to release their debut album ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’, released in 2012 on MRR and mixed and mastered by Colin, who became their guru by then. Also Mat became a very close friend, and they met him for the first time in Munster during ‘Rock im Hörsaal’, a double concert with Murky Red and The Hourglass.  This gig was also the first one with their new guitarist Patrick Dujardin, and percussionist/backing vocalist Marie Vancamp. Both new members injected a new breeze into the band.

Early 2014, after many months of considering, it was time to make a fresh start with a new rhythm section. Rene Marteaux and Luk Lantin reinforced Murky Red with lots of experience and talent. They started from scratch and after practicing the songs on ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’ first, the band worked on brand new material for their second album, ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’.

Band Members

Stef Flaming: Vocals & Guitars
Patrick Dujardin: Guitars
Rene Marteaux: Drums
Luk Lantin: Bass
Yolanda Flaming: Keys 
Marie Vancamp: Percussion & Vocals




No Pocus Without Hocus (Special CD Edition) (2016)
No Pocus Without Hocus (2015)
Time Doesn’t Matter