Port Mahadia

Short Bio

US based Heavy Prog band Port Mahadia formed in 2004, in 2007  the band released their self released debut album Echoes In Time. Fast forward to 2016 as the band returns with their highly anticipated sophomore release Quantum Space.

Port Mahadia brings together a group of true rock heavy weights. Drawing from their inspirations in the music world PM takes progressive rock in a new direction.

Influenced by bands and musicians such as Dream Theater, ELP, Kansas, Rush, Yes and Mozart, Port Mahadia has evolved into a style and sound of their own.

This is the next level of progressive rock.

Band Members

Erinn Waggoner – Bassist & Vocals
Johnny Anderson – Guitar
Justin Emmerson – Drums

Past Members and Guest Musicians

Rusty Clutts – Drums, Cameron Castle – Guitar, Dave Gilbert – Vocals, Damian Wilson – Vocals (Threshold, Rick Wakeman), Natalie Grace Chua – Vocals, Will Shaw – Vocals (Unflexablegrace), Sol Yamil – Vocals (The Third Grade), William O’Connell – Keyboards, Jared Hill – Keyboards, Kerry Shacklett – Keyboards (Presto Ballet), Tracy Silverman – Violin, David Ragsdale – Violin (KANSAS), Hugh McDowell – Cello (ELO the Electric Light Orchestra), David Lee – Narration, Rachel Arant, Jenna Broege, Kelli Jo Compton, Megan Little – Choir, Nicole Lambert – Choir Direction


Quantum Space
– 2016

Echoes In Time – 2007